WATR out in the GWNF scouting for the S500

Several WATR members have been out scouting areas to ride for the upcoming Shenandoah 500. The forest is looking great! Found some water and some rocks. The crew put in a long day. On the bikes at 0730 and didnt get home until 1900. GPS says we did 365 miles and a guest of ours did 435 miles. Had 1 flat, a torrential down pour and a day of fun on the bikes.

IMG_6366 IMG_6367

WATR recognized by GWNF

WATR was recognized by the GWNF and Lee District as an Outstanding Trail Partner! Andy was named due to his continued efforts in the GWNF at Taskers Gap and received the award and a very nice special edition GWNF belt buckle.  Great job WATR and lets keep it up!

lee ranger award

Three Springs Enduro


Bob and Troy cool off in the water crossing, after doing some Three Springs Enduro course work/prep.  The water crossing is a spectator favorite during the enduro, for obvious reasons.  Unfortunately Chris was shooting stills and missed catching a YouTube classic when Troy grabbed a bit too much throttle on one of the passes through the creek.  🙂


Clearing trail at Taskers Gap

Dan, Vince, Andy and Thom headed out to Taskers Gap last week to clear a pretty good size tree.  Dan made short work of it and we were able to hump the gear up the hill and to the vehicle just in time to miss the lightning and hail.  Fun was had by all.


IMG_2853 IMG_2854 IMG_2855

2016 Old Dominion Horse Enduro

Half a dozen WATR members traveled to Bayse VA to clear and mark trails for the OD100. WATR has been doing this for over 15 years and plays a crucial role in the safety of  the horses and riders of the event. Many of the 100 mile riders travel in the dark on single track trail and our efforts in clearing the trail of tress and debris and properly marking it contributes to the success of the event.

clearing trailod100 trail markingod100 trail marking 3

Mid Atlantic Trials Event

Several WATR members went to New Windsor MD and competed in a trials event.  Billy, Doug, Heidi, and Adam were in attendance on a great Father’s Day event.  It was a great day to be out and about riding bikes.  Billy got 2nd in his class and I could only pull off 7th or 8th place.  I will know more when the post results. IMG_0283 IMG_0289IMG_0244