Q:  When can I ride at Eagle Bay?

Q:  What are my responsibilities as a WATR club member

  • Obey the club and Eagle Bay rules.
  • Question owners of vehicles parked at Eagle Bay without a WATR parking pass.
  • Attend club meetings if you can.
  • Help with club events if you can:  Sprint Trail Ride, Fall Trail Ride & Shenandoah 500.
  • Help with Eagle Bay work days if you can.
  • Help with Taskers Gap work days if you can.

Q:  How much does it cost to join WATR?
A:  The $125 annual membership fee includes riding privileges for the entire family (parents and children).

Q:  Are ATVs allowed at Eagle Bay?
A:  No, WATR is an off road motorycle club.

Q:  How difficult are the trails at Eagle Bay?
A:  Beginners can ride in the grassy area near the haul vehicle parking.  There is also a very small beginner loop near the parking.  There is a 2-mile loop for beginner to intermediate riders and a 12-mile loop for intermediate to advanced riders.  The 12-mile loop takes most riders more than an hour to complete.

Q:  Can I camp at Eagle Bay?
A:  No, camping is not allowed at Eagle Bay.

Q:  How many guests can I sponsor?
A:  Once you have been a WATR member for at least one year, you can sponsor unlimited guests but you must ride with your guests and each guest must pay the $40 guest fee.  You are responsible for making sure your guests obey the rules.