About Us

Washington Area Trail Riders (WATR) is a nonprofit organization made up of motorcycle riders and enthusiasts.

The goal of WATR is to promote the sport of off-road motorcycle riding while serving the communities we ride through via our charitable gifts and support. WATR helps fund youth programs, food banks, fire departments and EMS units in those communities. In addition, WATR directly supports forest service operations financially and with manpower to help maintain trails. Throughout the year we identify riding areas, host ride events and participate in public awareness activities. The organization’s aim is to provide high quality riding experiences for members and promote a better public understanding of the off-road riding community.

WATR hosts and participates in some key charitable events:

  • Riders and families enjoy a spring and fall trail ride event that benefits the Optimists Club for children.
  • Club members work to support the Green Marble enduro and hare scramble events – all conducted for charity.
  • Riders take part in the Shenandoah 500, a two-day AMA national dual sport ride for street-legal dirt bikes. This event benefits the surrounding community.

WATR is active on national, state, and local levels to secure and help maintain trail- riding areas. We work with the George Washington National Forest Service to help maintain its 25 miles of trails at the Taskers Gap ORV trail system near Edinburg, VA.

Throughout the year, there are events for riders of every skill level and interest. Many of our members compete in enduros, hare scrambles and trials events. Others prefer to just ride for fun on dual sport routes, club trail rides and weekend adventures.

Wherever they ride, WATR members are committed to safe, responsible riding to protect themselves, others and the club’s riding opportunities.

WATR is a volunteer club with activities adjusted to match changing membership and community needs. The routine business of the club is conducted by the elected officers, with the concurrence of the club’s members.

WATR meets for two hours (7:30 – 9:30 PM) on the second Wednesday of each month. These meetings include both club business and discussions of general interest. The meetings provide a chance to socialize with fellow trailhounds. Non-members are also encouraged to join us at our monthly meeting.